What kind of legitimacy of such power may be involved?

Boris Bittner

As people - unarmed people - working sniper. It seems that more than one. On the defeat. Without giving the injured.
You know, there is probably a limit beyond which no sympathy, no pity remains.
It's kind of sick mentality is necessary to have to kill unarmed citizens?
In war as in war? Well, then neher complain about the Molotov cocktails.
Glory "Berkut" mean? Creatures finished. Bastards. Always fond of "feathered" for wickedness, sadism and stupidity.
For me it is quite clear that the president is now fucked. Honored fucked. Because dolboklyuvom can not be so, even if you are a stoker in the boiler room.
Razdrochit contrived so perfectly peace-loving nation - there is a need to have a talent! What is remarkable mental strength!
How many times Maidan was going to break up? He was not a peace for you, a bunch of idiots? You have decided on a habit lomanut all over his knee? Zhrite Now! The blood of those killed in these days are now all on you ...
I have all these months calling for nonviolence. I still believe that violence - is evil. But today is not the radicals shoot at you, and you - radicals. This is a cancerous tumor called a misunderstanding of power, shooting at people. In different nations. Not in Bandera, Melita is not garbage! In slobozhan, Dnipropetrovsk, lugantsev, frankovtsev, the people of Kiev ... Power at war with the people. Do you understand what you are doing? What kind of legitimacy of such power may be involved?
Way back anymore. Issued military weapons. Seized arsenals. The country, which is our "type" a guarantor of the peace, civil war broke out. If you think that thousands of wounded and killed fifty is not enough to call the outbreak of civil war, you can wait for another half an hour.
Lord Deputies You - the real villains. Bastards, because having the power and authority to govern the country, you prosrali it. You filled their pockets, selling voice ran out of faction faction, rather than to serve the people who elected him.
I think that the next few hours will decide the fate of the regime.
I'm not a believer, but those who believe - pray for the dead. And asked that no one else died. On both sides.
Mr. President. I am writing in small letters, because that is no longer worthy. See video of the last minutes of Ceausescu. Very instructive video. Motivating. Judge you almost certainly will be, but maybe at least not tear apart if you just resign.

P.S. Just call me a former partner of Moscow. He said that in the past respected the Ukrainians, and now - all respects! Hold on, guys! - he said. - You are not a herd. You - the people, the real people. We see it all here.
He is not alone.
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