Special series Maserati GranTurismo S MC Sport Line

┬źNormal┬╗ Maserati were not too picky customers are smart for the Middle East. Especially for them on the track Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi Italian automaker introduced a limited edition GranTurismo S MC Sport Line. In total 12 cars will be produced pearl-white color - on the number of cups won by Maserati in different races. In addition to the glorification of the achievements of the race, each car will receive the name of a town on the Arabian Peninsula. All machines are special series will be sold exclusively in the Middle East. In the future, Maserati is planning to do a series of similar machines for Italy. For his homeland Italian company intends to release 11 machines. The price of cars is not reported, but judging by the fact that first of all Maserati's look at eastern markets, the cost of new items will be significantly higher production models.


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