GQ + Citroën. Only for gentlemen

Citroën and GQ magazine set out to create "the best vehicle for the gentlemen." To work on the concept GQbyCITROËN joined by famous designers from London Sevil Row. The overall concept has created the British version of GQ editor Dylan Jones, a British designer, Mark Lloyd guided by it designed the look of the machine. "I wanted to create something practical, cool and unique - in a word, something amazing, is not looks like a concept car - says Jones. - The car of GQ should want, but it must also look, feel and managed so that no sane man could not ignore it. " The interior of the vehicle designed creative director of the brand E. Tautz Patrick Grant. Salon is decorated in military style (photo - under the cut), which is believed to grant is "an excellent counterbalance to the Gallic (French - jocular.) Style of the exterior." Under the hood of a car design is a hybrid engine capable to disperse the car to 249 km / h. Perhaps it is able to do even more, but the top speed is electronically limited. Lloyd says that the car reflects the modern fashion for moderate consumption. "Innuendo preferable to compulsion, gloss better machismo - explains the idea of ​​the designer. - This is not a sports car, it is something gentlemanly. It is fast, but it is designed to travel and not for racing. "


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