Cufflinks from "brandzheliny"

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie presented the first item in the next line of jewelry Protector Collection, they are working together with the well-known London-based company Asprey. The first star designers made cufflinks in the form of the serpent, a symbol of a new collection of black diamonds with emerald eyes on the basis of 18-carat white gold. According to Jolie, creeping reptiles are the guardians of their family (hence the name of the ruler - Protector - ¬ędefender" from the English). Ring with the same symbol she gave in 2006, when he was first born she was pregnant with Shiloh pairs. Cost is $ 11 cufflinks 000. In the future, "brandzhelina" intends to offer shoppers rings, earrings and pendants in the same style. Each piece is handcrafted in the workshop Asprey on New Bond Street in London. Part of the proceeds from the sale of jewelry will be sent to charity. However, the latest update seems like overkill - the last time each action Jolie and Pitt somehow connected with the charity. And it would be surprising if this idea and done without the help of the suffering of the Third World.


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