The teacher ordered his disciple (2 photos + video)

It came nepedagogichno resident of Volgograd 41-year-old Ludmila O.
Having been refused by his pupil, she paid for his abduction and brutal rape of the bride Man.

Over 230 thousand rubles were criminals beat former student of Ludmila O., and then brutally raped his future wife. The abduction was planned wedding day of young people on 18 March.

In the role of criminals were operating MVD Volgograd region. Having received an advance payment of 30 thousand rubles, the police played the kidnapping of Catherine and Vyacheslav I. Only after zakazchitsa agreed to pay the remaining amount, she was detained.

 - Timely information about the planned crime appeared in the beginning of March this year. A woman artist looking for the massacre of her lover and his girlfriend - told Life News Head of the 6th Division Criminal Investigation Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Volgograd region Sergey Ivashkin. - According to the offender had ordered it to steal the newlyweds.

The main evidence against Ludmila O. became videotape made by police officers during a meeting with ordered it. Middle-aged lady had planned the massacre with his young rival.

Catherine I. was to be the victim of revnivitsy

 - The girls set him on drugs to live without them I could not. After three-four rape. And it is necessary to record the video that I then showed him how his wife has a good time. And then take her to the Caucasus, or give to a brothel, - instructs the performers Lyudmila G. - beat him severely. You can bat on the head, lost to memory. Then bring to a safe place.

Save lives Vyacheslav I. woman decided not just. It soon became clear that the young man - her old love. Attention to the Man Ludmila O. drew even being his teacher. I tried several times to establish a relationship with him, but failed. That's when the head teacher born evil plan.

 - The suspect was registered in the social network under an assumed name. Having found a guy she corresponded for some time with him, but when it came to the meeting, the woman is expected again fiasco. Then she decided to take extreme measures - explains spokesman SU TFR in the region Natalia Kunitsky. - But to bring the crime to the end it was not possible, it intervened in the case law enforcement agencies.

Entire day zakazchitsa was confident that her plan worked. Then the woman was detained.

During the search in the apartment of the suspect staff found a suspicious document signed in blood. On several sheets woman described in detail the conditions of the "deal with the devil" and bequeathed him her soul and the souls of their loved ones in exchange for a young body, wealth, and many years of happiness with the beloved.

There was also a wish list that needed to be happy with Ludmila young wife. Besides young healthy bodies for themselves on the list is a helicopter, two expensive cars, three drivers with a full package of documents and 100 million rubles on a plastic card with a PIN code.

TFR in Volgograd region opened a criminal case. If guilt is proved to be a teacher, then as a punishment Ludmila O. faces a minimum of 12 years in prison.



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