Masterpiece iPhone from Stuart Hughes

Tireless Liverpool jeweler Stuart Hughes again surprised its luxurious crafts. Simple diamond iPhone 4 not enough for him, and now he presented an even more exclusive edition of the smartphone Apple. Compared with the previous model, iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition by almost 400 (!) Times more expensive - the price is £ 5 million. Bezel gadget adorned with five hundred flawless diamonds totaling over 100 carats, the back wall is made of rose gold Apple logo - out of 53 diamonds and pink gold. The navigation button is made of platinum, in the center of her one-piece pink diamond 7, 4 carats. This stone can be replaced by a rare 8-carat diamond piece. Special mention requires packaging jewelry iPhone. She saddled pink granite, and inside the box for a mobile phone is covered with nubuck. Massive box weighs as much as 7 kilos. Results will be made only two iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition.


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