Yacht "Beluga". Moby Dick and Pinocchio

Division Puresang, engaged in the superyacht and aircraft, together with the Glass-Deco International presented the concept of the yacht that made a splash at last the yacht show in Monaco. Draft vessel pretentious name «The Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas» («Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas") was awarded the prize of the exhibition in the nomination "Best new concept superyacht." Ship designers drew inspiration from "Moby Dick" and ... "Pinocchio." If the first work relates to the maritime theme, what the project privnёs Italian wooden tomboy - not so obvious. On the "Beluga" two residential decks, connected by a glass staircase. The project provided a whiskey bar, library, orangery with live palm trees and a small vegetable garden to grow fresh vegetables, roof bow, disclose this whale's mouth. Shipowner's cabin is located in the oval glass on the upper deck. In the "belly" of the mechanical whale are another five luxury cabins with sliding balcony for guests. Also on the ship there was a place for a spa, a modern gym, a cinema. And also provide living and working space for 30 staff. In front of the boat is a 14-meter swimming pool, a cocktail bar and a two-level lounge area. The internal garage can easily accommodate two trailers, but you can turn it into a nightclub - it provided a glass floor with lighting and high-quality sound system Function One. The cost of the project developers are estimated at $ 200 million. There is not much considering the scale of ideas. It remains only to cool idea has been brought to practical realization. http://player.vimeo.com/video/15323692?color=ff0179 video>


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