Transportation officials

Due to the placement of tenders for public procurement in the network, you can learn a lot. For example, ask what cars prefer to Russian officials. The most popular were not Audi, as you might think, and the machines of the middle class value to 1 mln. Rubles. In particular, the domestic auto industry is listed items. Proposals city and municipal administrations appear on Ford Mondeo, 3163 UAZ-Patriot, Chevrolet Niva L and even the VAZ-2107. But this does not mean that Russian officials have rushed to change to a modest machine. Employees of law enforcement agencies still tend to be expensive machines. Thus, the Prosecutor General's Office announced a tender for the purchase of two vehicles Toyota LandCruiser 200 for 6, 2 million. Mineralnye Vody Customs expects delivery of an armored vehicle based on the Lexus LX 570 for 6, 8 million. Behind the Ministry of Interior of Kabardino-Balkaria, the request armored vehicle "on the basis of cross-country vehicle, superior comfort, with high performance "for 6, 1 million rubles. Thanks to active network of fighters with officials who want to live beautifully expense of others, was able to cancel the tender for the supply of six-liter Audi A8 Security B6 / B7 (pictured) for 8, 5 million. rubles for Ministry of Finance of Dagestan. According to "Kommersant", to leave the comfortable (and expensive) machinery officials are in no hurry. Now they do not buy and take in rent. The largest tenants are the Pension Fund received the temporary use of 47 cars for 21 015 mln. Rubles. Among them are five Audi A8 L and one Toyota LandCruser 200. But most - modest Nissan Teana and the Ford Focus. Incidentally, in the US the most popular car among officials in 2010 became a Chevrolet Impala.


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