The iPad 2 to Europe have not even reached

Liverpool jeweler Stuart Hughes works extremely quickly. The iPad 2 to Europe have not even got (at least officially), but he has already introduced exotic edition gadget. Frame on the front of the Ipad 2 Gold History Edition is made of rare gems ammolita produced in Canada. The age of this material is 75 million years old. Ancient stones Hughes he added a piece of the femur Tyrannosaurus Rex, who lived on the planet 65 million. Years ago. These materials, explains the "historic" name gadget English jeweler. Stuart Hughes feeds inexplicable love of fossil materials. So, out of his hands was leaving the iPhone 4, decorated teeth of Tyrannosaurus rex. Button on iPad made of diamond 8, 5 carats and is surrounded by another 12 stones smaller size. For the sake of appearance had to sacrifice weight. In jewelry edition of only one tablet per 2 kg of gold, which is more than three times the original mass. Ipad 2 Gold History Edition will be released in a total of just two pieces, each of which is worth 5 million. Pounds.


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