Big eyes Neanderthals have caused their extinction

The resulting new research data show that Neanderthals could become extinct because of the large size of their eyes, reports BBC.
During operation, the researchers looked at the skull Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals and found that the latter left Africa and began to live in Europe, where they had to adapt to a dark night. As a result, their eyes and that part of the brain that is responsible for the visualization, increased and decreased the rest of the brain.

As regards the ancestors Homo Sapiens, they remain in Africa, and accordingly, they have not arisen a need for such adaptation: they have continued to develop the frontal lobe of the brain which are responsible for communication.

Experts estimate that the Neanderthals, who became extinct about 28,000 years ago, the orbit by an average of 6 mm larger than that of Homo Sapiens, and although such a difference at first glance may seem insignificant, scientists believe that Neanderthals affected part of the brain responsible the possibility of combining into larger social groups.

Note that experiments conducted on primates have shown the dependence of the size of the eye and the amount of the brain that is responsible for visual processing.


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