Jean-Paul Gaultier dressed up Coca-Cola

PoshSpace month ago I wrote about the design of champagne Jean-Paul Gaultier. Now for the teetotalers designer produces a special collection of Diet Coke. In February we held a parallel note to a colleague Monsieur Gaultier for modeling business by Karl Lagerfeld. In light of recent events, the similarities become apparent even brighter, because Lagerfeld has repeatedly engaged in embellishment bottles Coca-Cola. Lagerfeld shot a commercial for fizzy drink, and Gautier took up a series of mini-films for Diet Coke. The designer acts as the main character rolls. He tries on the role of the therapist, journalist and a private detective who solves problems with wardrobe puppets. Jean-Paul Gaultier believes that the design of the bottles have similarities with inventing clothing. "Bottles are shaped like a woman's body, so it's a lot of fun" dress "them" - he said. video> video> http: // www / embed / iqDsYaEynF4 video>


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