Cartier ID2 and emptiness

Cartier has violated this summer universal seasonal lull announce a revolutionary new watch ID2. However, to replace the excitement came disappointment: this novelty can not be bought for any money. Later, Cartier took pity on the suffering and promised something which will be implemented the latest insights. So what is a fantastic French engineers have come up with? For watchmakers have always been the main obstacle energy consumption. Mechanics has a low potential and increase it - an extremely difficult task. Watchmaking percentage for percentage otvoёvyvaet new heights, but still three-quarters of the energy fly into space. Cartier succeeded in one fell swoop to reduce energy consumption by half. It is a fantastic result in the case where the account goes on interest. The team under the supervision of Carole Forestier-Kasap, technical director of Cartier, has reduced the amount of the metal parts in the mechanism of ID2 to a minimum. Most of the parts created from a material called «Carbon crystal», - diamond-coated silicon. A spring is made of fiberglass. But the most important innovation - within 99 hours ID2, 5% vacuum. In the airless environment of significantly reduced friction and wear. As a result, we have an absolutely incredible power reserve of 32 days!


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