"King Panther" has broken all records

Bracelet Cartier panther onyx and diamonds, had once belonged to his beloved British King Edward VIII, sold more than 4, 5 million pounds at an auction Sotheby's. This decoration has become part of the grand auction, which were exhibited objects belonging to American Wallis Simpson, for which the British monarch in 1936 abdicated. The total value of lots sold amounted to almost 8 million pounds. Interest in memorabilia Wallis, witnessed one of the most moving love stories of the XX century, from collectors was serious. All lots are sold with a significant excess of original estimates, with some of the estimate was exceeded by 8-10 times. The most valuable lot, as expected, was the bracelet in the form of predatory cats, created in 1952 by designer jewelry house Cartier Jeanne Toussaint, nicknamed "Pantera". The total price of this ornament prevozoshla wildest expectations: the unknown acquirer laid out for him the amount of four times the estimated value. So now it is the most expensive bracelet in the world and the most expensive product, Cartier, ever sold at auction.


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