New clip of Louis Vuitton goes to the screen


Louis Vuitton first enters the TV with a roller, which involved Arizona Muse. It seems that the luxury company was cramped in the narrow world of luxury goods, and now she came out to meet mainstream consumers. The campaign, entitled «L'Invitation au Voyage» («Invitation to Travel"), removed and Inez Vinudh. The main heroine of the roller out of the house with a bag Louis Vuitton Monogram hands in search of the castle, which you can open the available her key. On her heels to be a mysterious young man. In the Louvre, among the greatest works of art, such as the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci, the heroine finds Muse chest, and in it - a letter. Then she leaves the museum and finds the square red and white balloon. Without thinking, she sits in a cart and carried upwards, leaving his mysterious pursuer behind. What was in that letter, and where to direct the traveler, we may tell in the next series. video> 9c3850493b.jpg





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