The daughter of Prince William and Catherine will be the queen?

Royal Court of Great Britain has long become a global reality show the whole world watching breathlessly as august personages build (or pull down) love. Today, all editions of the world discussing the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, nee Kate Middleton. After the message of St. James's Palace on the position amusement wife of Prince William, the world swept touching sigh. Thus, the news about the upcoming replenishment of the royal family in the Labour leader Ed Miliband in his Twitter called the event "that will mark the whole nation." Judging by the reaction of the world media, rejoicing not just the British, and even half of the world, with not even referring to the British Commonwealth of Nations. This news is an interesting aspect for discussion: what place in line for the throne, will take the future child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. If they have a boy, he would definitely be able to claim the throne. Of course, after his father and uncle, Prince Harry, due to natural causes release throne. But the girl encounter some difficulties. The British government last year ventured reform that put an end to sexual discrimination in line to the throne. But to hold it, you need to obtain the consent of all the sixteen members of the British Commonwealth. Is that Papua - New Guinea and Tuvalu is no gender requirement, so in their attitude can be calm. The news of the pregnancy, is likely to speed up the decision-making process on this issue.


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