Duchess of Cambridge have to remind you that it is no longer Kate Middleton

Since the combination of Prince William and Kate Middleton girls more than a year. In plain English marriage she became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. But the press is still often called its maiden name. And PoshSpace is no exception: we are still in the tags, it is listed as Kate Middleton (now corrected - Ed.) Name the British monarch has quite a kind - Windsor. Some of the descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, are double surname Mountbatten-Windsor. However, they are not popularly used. For example, in the army Prince Harry is listed as Harry of Wales. Students Beatrice and Eugene in their schools listed as of York. Catherine with her new name already accustomed. Examiner described the everyday scenes from the life of the Duchess, which happened in Anglesey, where spouses hide from annoying secular society. Catherine looked into the shop to buy a swimsuit, but the money she is the queen, was not with them. She asked the shop owner to record the purchase at the expense to bring the money later. Seller is not found buyers, and asked the name. "Cambridge", - said the young lady, a lot of surprising merchant. By the way, this story is a wonderful explanation of why the family of William and Catherine retired to Anglesey: there they are seen as ordinary people and not harass their attention.


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