Nissan is developing a wireless charger for electric vehicles

According to the official report of the representatives of automaker Nissan, in the near future electric company as an option will be able to induction charging. This means that the machine does not need to be connected to the wire, it will be enough to park your car in the right place.
The developed charger appearance will be like a special mat. When parking, the driver will be necessary to stop the car so that the pad is located between the rear wheels of an electric vehicle. The exact positioning of the car relative to the charger will provide on-board instruments and sensors. Due to it the car will automatically stop when charging it takes optimal position.
The principle of car charger is exactly the same as in similar devices intended for consumer electronics. Special coil, located in the mat, produces a magnetic field which in turn induces an electric current in another coil, located in the car. This current and charges the internal battery.
Last month, the company released a demo video, which was shown to work like the charger on the example of Nissan Leaf. The company expects that this option will be interested buyers of electric vehicles. Induction Charger is much easier to use than traditional wire. However, with this method of charging, there are significant power losses (10-20%).


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