The safest electric vehicle, "dressed" in the airbag

The Japanese company Humanix together with Hiroshima University has developed a small electric car, whose body is covered with airbags. The car was named iSAVE-SC1, style icon and a model of modern design it certainly can not be called, but the company Humanix claims that this vehicle is "the safest electric vehicle in the world».
Inside, three-wheeled electric car was enough space for three people, the body covered with a tarpaulin, beneath which is a system of airbags. It is assumed that in a collision with another car or pedestrian protection that would be enough to soften the blow and significantly ease the effects of the accident.
Electric iSAVE-SC1 is accelerated to a speed of only 50 km / h, and its battery can be recharged from a conventional wall outlet municipal supply. Humanix company said that the first copies of the car will go on sale in November, though, as they will only be available in Japan. And their cost is relatively small, it amounts to 10,400 US dollars, and the mass production iSAVE-SC1 start next year.


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