The most expensive dog and the largest cat in the world (32 photos)

The most expensive dog in the world, Hong Dong, is particularly rare representative of the breed, as it has a red color, which is considered a lucky color. In addition, the dog was grown on a diet of beef, chicken, abalone and sea cucumber. Dog breeder, "Mr. Lu," Hong Dong calls "ideal model", explaining that superior genes make it a phenomenal thoroughbred.

Lu and his team spent a lot of money to raise a dog, and believe that the new owner can easily earn a tidy sum, using Hong Dong as male. Lu told reporters that although the recent high demand for this breed significantly inflated prices - the price Dong still shocking: "When I started in this business 10 years ago, I even could not imagine that we will see the price! ยป.

Tibetan Mastiff has always been a treasure of Tibet, but in recent years become a symbol of status, rank among the diamonds and expensive cars. Among the well-known owners of this breed can be called Queen Victoria, King George IV and Genghis Khan. And if you believe the local legends, then the Buddha was also a Tibetan Mastiff.

The title of "most expensive dog in the world" previously boasted another 18-month-old black Tibetan mastiff with intricate nickname Yangtze River Number Two, bought in 2009 for $ 582 000. Yangtze River number 2 arrived in his new hometown by a motorcade of 30 limousine and was greeted by local dog lovers with a red flag in his hand.

Of course, most people gravitate toward animals of normal size, some time ago there was even a serious round of popularity of dwarf breeds of cats and dogs, but not everyone will be able to grow, feed and properly educate pet really large sizes. The biggest cat in the world at the moment - American breed Maine Coon.


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