Bentley. Expansion in the interior of the house

In May PoshSpace talked about Bentley's ambitions to penetrate the homes and offices of car owners. Spring were presented sofa and chairs called Kensington. By the fall of Bentley together with the Italian furniture factory Club House Italia prepared ten new line of home furnishings with the names of English towns. Furniture debut at the St. Regis in New York, where he opened in September Bentley Suite. Furniture under the brand name of British cars manufactured from the finest materials: leather, cashmere, silk, glass and fine wood. Canterbury bed blanket sewn from a unique material called Fibra di Legno, which translates as "woody tissue." It is made from wood pulp and distinguished by a special softness and tenderness. All products adapt to the tastes of the buyer. For example, a sofa from the Richmond line can sheathe the skin, and can be cashmere, velvet or linen cloth. A surface of the coffee table Harlow, on request, will be covered by this onyx. Every whim for your money.


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