Chechen bought an Israeli football club

Owner Jerusalem football club "Beitar" Arkady Gaydamak announced the sale of the team Tamir Majidova Israeli businessman doing business in Chechnya. Gaydamak said that as long as we are talking about the sale of a 50 percent stake in the club. The remaining shares will be sold in the coming months. According to him, he accepted an offer Majidova because he is willing to buy the team immediately. Earlier interest in the "Beitar" showed a businessman Eli Tabib, which supported the candidacy of the mayor's office in Jerusalem. Gaydamak added that Madjidov soon build a team around five million dollars, which will help the team again show good results. In an interview Madjidov said he was not afraid of the reaction of fans "Betar" on his arrival at the club. Jerusalem fans are known for their nationalist views and hostility to non-Jews. Part of the fans of "Beitar" negatively perceived transition team players Grozny "Terek" - Zaur Sadaeva and Gabriel Kadaeva. Fans staged protests and otherwise abused players. Site writes that Majid was one of the organizers of the trip Jerusalem team in Grozny in early 2013. On January 9, the Chechen capital, a friendly match between the "Beitar" and "Terek". Also players of the Israeli club attended the ceremony beginning of construction of the synagogue in Grozny.


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