Sony introduced the first waterproof phone Sony Xperia Z

Sony has decided to please their fans the first mobile phone that you can drop into the bathtub, shower and even the toilet, it will still work normally.
Electronics giant believes the smartphone Xperia Z as its new leader and hopes his waterproof case will help it to compete with the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Waterproof smartphone Xperia Z was presented at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and will go on sale in March.

Key Features Sony Xperia Z as follows:

5-inch screen Full HD (12, 7 cm)

Quad-Core Snapdragon ™ S4 Pro

13-megapixel camera with fast capture of

Communication standard 4G LTE

Operating System Android

Integrated chip NFC, which reduces power consumption

According to the Sony, their study showed that every tenth user drops his phone in water (usually in the toilet), which is why the engineers and developers of Sony decided to offer its customers innovative, fully waterproof handset that can be safely lowered into the water at a depth up to one meter for 30 minutes thanks to a special coating.

If you drop your mobile phone is stained, it will be enough just to wash under the tap.

Presentation of the Sony Xperia Z:

In addition, Sony's booth at the Consumer Electronics Show can see and test the waterproof earphones with built-in MP3-player, Walkman W273, so that you can swim in them, say, in the pool, and you'll hear great music.

Walkman W273 will go on sale from February 1 and will cost about $ 100, the price of the phone Sony Xperia Z is not made public.


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