White sands «Hyams Beach»

This article will give you especially if you are among fans of white beaches. The thing is that, in Australia, in the state of New South Wales (NSW) is one wonderful place ...

We are talking about the Gulf "Dzherviz» (Jervis Bay), all of its territory listed in the Guinness Book of Records, and the reason for that was the white sands, which are recognized by the whitest in the world! Officially in the record books this place is recorded as «Hyams Beach» with all the surrounding beach areas.

It should be noted that on the Gulf Dzherviz 4 times more than the world-famous Sydney Harbour. Hyams Beach will not leave anyone indifferent, and you are no exception! This Australian Bight will enchant you with the most white sands in the world and is incredibly clean water. Local beaches will satisfy the needs of even the most popular travelers, they are endowed with all that one could carry out a wide variety of entertainment, especially here a favorable atmosphere for a family vacation or a wedding.

Most white sands are a 3-hour drive from Sydney, they are located in the middle of the village of the same name. This town occupies a little more than 70 people. There are so white sand that gives the impression that it's a real snow! Hyams Beach - the best place for fun and relaxation, and this opinion is not one thousand people.

Let's talk a little about the nearest infrastructure ...

Thus, the most famous city of the Gulf is a town called Huskisson (Huskisson), it is located in the western part of the Gulf Dzherviz.

Huskisson Beach Area starts from the point Tapalla and stretched by 10 kilometers to the south up to the «Moona Moona Creek». This tends to a huge number of people, but even though such an abundance of tourists, you're bound to find yourself a secluded place, which will give you incredible scenery. By the way, here you can go on an unforgettable cruise to see the good-natured whales and dolphins. Also, the tourist can enjoy canoeing and meet Scottish Rocks and Bristol Point on the neighboring beach areas. In this paradise with the white sands you can go diving and discover the incredible diversity of marine life of these places. The advantage of this beach area is the point that, unlike other beaches on Huskisson after storm water still remains clean.

All this certainly deserves a lot of attention and respect, but the greatest pleasure and interest is a touch of white as snow, sand, and the unique smell of flowers from a nearby garden «Booderee» ... Oh, it's so divine and unique, that feeling is once you remember this feeling for life!

If you're in Australia or you have the opportunity to visit this place, be sure to do it! Fantastic white beach Hyams Beach is sure to delight and surprise you ... because in the Guinness Book of Records just so nothing gets ...

By the way, the local sand is famous not only for its pure white, but more the fact that it is the most fine-grained in the world, it is more like a flour or powdered sugar. And when it comes in contact with sand, the feeling at this moment there are just amazing ...

If you're going to go to the beach in Australia Hyams Beach, do not forget to burn cream and sunglasses, for here even in the evening light.

I must say that real estate in the area Hyams Beach is very expensive, but this is not surprising because it is a place of world renown and recognition. God forbid everyone to go there!


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