Ranakpur temple complex

Once again, we will talk about the unique India rather about another beautiful places on the planet, which is located on the territory of that State.

Thus, according to the article title you guessed what it will be about Ranakpur Temple, the latter, by the way, is located 60 kilometers north of the town called "Udaipur».

Ranakpur Temple - the largest temple complex in India, which is located deep in the valley and is surrounded by the amazing beauty of the forest. This beauty is removed from the main tourist routes, but in Ranakpur, there are several hotels that were built for the large number of pilgrims who constantly come here from all corners of our planet.

The most prominent and largest temple in the valley is the Temple Chaturmukha. This beautiful temple was built in the 15th century, it is the real work of architecture. By its scale, beauty and perfection is not inferior to the famous Taj Mahal all.

Just imagine, this magnificent building was erected over 50 years, most of this structure is based on the columns, the number of which reaches 1444. It is noteworthy that each colony is not like the previous one, it certainly has a number of distinctive features of its own. It is interesting that here and now being the service, as well as going to the believers.

Incredible decoration of the main temple are three that are located on the contrary, they are united with him and all this alley surrounded by a beautiful park.

It is worth noting that the entrance to the temple complex is completely free, you have to pay only for the photos.

To convey the beauty and grandeur of this complex is not possible to experience it all, you just need to visit this incredibly beautiful place!


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