The ancient city of Jerash

We cling to the beauty of the ancient city of Jerash. The latter is the most unique ancient city of failure, which is the second name - "Oriental PompeiiĀ».

Oddly enough, but this city is preserved thanks to the numerous natural binge. At this point, serious archaeological excavations were begun in 1925. With regard to the first settlements in the city of Jerash, they emerged in the Neolithic period. More on this place has long attracted people rich nature and generous rains.

I must say that this is a very beautiful city, which only stand the ruins of the first settlers, the remains of Greek and Roman constructed policies, you can then see how the latter are replaced by the construction of the Byzantine, and they in turn - the structure of the empire Umeyyarov. All this is striking in its beauty and uniqueness.

The heyday of Jerash occurred in the period of Roman rule. By the way, today this beautiful city is the most prominent example of a provincial city of the mighty Roman Empire. It is noteworthy that in ancient times the city was part of the development of trade and political alliance called "Decapolis", in whose ranks the top 10 was the Greco-Roman cities.

Of course, that Jerash has a main street, called "Street of columns." Looking at this street you can imagine how it looked in the central streets of the Roman city. As for the "street columns", it extends almost na600 metrovv strontium north. You will not believe, but monolithic stones, representing the pavement of the city to the present time to save the traces left by chariots. In these chariots in Jerash drove Emperor and noble Romans.

Taking a walk through this unique city on the ruins of many ancient carving can be seen, as well as a variety of jewelry from minerals and precious stones, alas, but the number of the latter is gradually decreasing ...

Jerash perfectly preserved temples, theaters, towers, fountains, baths, race track, Adrigena Arch, Temple of Zeus, and the Temple of Artemis. Captivates with its view of the Arc de Triomphe, standing near the South Gate, by the way, it was erected in honor of the arrival in the city of the Emperor Hadrian, and it happened in the year 129 BC. e.

As for the Temple of Artemis, he was elevated to the Colonnade area more in the second half of II century AD These are the best columns, visually they are visible from almost all parts of the city. It is interesting, but it was considered a major patron of Artemis Jerash.

Among the most beautiful places of the city is the Nymphaeum - water structure, which has survived almost in perfect condition until today. This magnificent fountain built in the II century, too, and he is dedicated to the nymphs.

It should be noted and the southern theater, which can seat about 3,500 spectators. This beautiful building was built during the reign of Emperor Domitian, to be precise in 90-92 years. BC Notable for the theater in that it has a unique acoustics, therefore, he is in demand in our days! Interestingly, all but the first rows of the theater are marked with the names of the inhabitants of the elite, then the same audience sat in accordance with the ticket number. Can you imagine facing the lower floors of this building represented marble tiles, which, incidentally, are faced with and the head of lions. Of stone lions flowed water that flowed into the pool, and then the drainage system, which was held under the street, went further. On the upper tier of the theater adorned images of nymphs.

Jerash - an incredibly beautiful city that today surprises with its elegance and grandeur, despite the fact that the bulk of its beauty, alas, has not survived. This city must personally see every one of us, it's worth it!


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