Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers - a 88-story skyscraper height of 450 meters. The building was built in the Islamic style, and its proposed form personally, Prime Minister of Malaysia. Construction took six years (1992-1998.). The towers are offices, exhibition and conference halls, art gallery.
The construction of "Petronas Towers" cost the main customer - the state oil company "Petronas" - 800 million. Some of the costs assumed by other Malaysian companies, distributed among offices a two skyscrapers. The towers are connected by a covered walkway, a bridge, which provides fire safety of the building. Curiously, only one window washing tower occupies an entire month. The towers are living and working up to 10 thousand. Man.

The basis of design is not an easy steel is too expensive for Malaysia, and the special elastic concrete, comparable in strength to steel. Because of this skyscraper has turned out twice as heavy as similar to steel. Due to the design of the tower can not resist, even with the loss of three of the sixteen supporting columns. Additional security gives Airlift put on a giant ball bearings, as the towers sway and the bridge can not be rigidly fixed.


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