This sophisticated Russian language

We have before us a table. On the table glass and fork. What are they doing? Glass stands, and the power lies. If we insert the plug into the countertop, fork will stand. e. are vertical objects, and are horizontal? Adding to the table plate and pan. They are kind of like a horizontal, but are on the table. Now put the plate in the pan. There she is, and in fact on the table stood. Maybe things are ready to use? No, the plug-it was ready when lying. Now on the table gets a cat. She can stand, sit and lie down. If in terms of standing and lying she somehow creeps into the logic of the "vertical-horizontal", the rest - this new feature. She sits on the priest. Now on the table sat a bird. She sits on the table, but sitting on the legs, not the pope. Although seemingly should stand. But it can not stand at all. But if we kill the poor bird and make a scarecrow, it will be on the table. It may seem that the seat - an attribute of living, but also the boot on the foot sits, although he did not live and has no priests. So podi understand that it is worth, that is, and that he was sitting. And we still wonder what foreigners think our language is complex and compared with the Chinese.


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