Astronomers have found the prebiotic molecules in outer ice

Astronomers from the University of Virginia, working with a radio telescope "Green Bank", announced the discovery of organic molecules that are the precursors of amino acids and DNA in the particles of cosmic ice, according to an article in The Astrophysical Journal.
Radio telescope "Green Bank" allows you to set the chemical composition of a substance on its radio emission. During the study of gas-dust cloud at a distance of 25 000 light years from Earth, and were discovered prebiotic molecules.

In particular, on the surface of the granules ice clouds were observed and tsianometanimin ethanamine. According to scientists, these substances can form more complex organic compounds.

According to the authors, their work sheds new light on the problem of the origin of life, and the opening in an interstellar cloud of these molecules means that the building blocks of DNA and amino acids could easily plated onto emerging world.


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