IL-86. Story

Passenger aircraft IL-86 is designed to carry 350 passengers. Has 4 engine NK-86. The first flight of IL-86 CCCP-86000 on 22 December 1976, decommissioned in 2011. Of the 106 vehicles produced currently operates four - it is owned by the Air Force Il-80VKP (Airborne command posts), differ from passenger planes lack windows, refueling system and additional hardware compartment (hump) in the front. 78 machines cut, the 23 aircraft are on the preservation (and only two of them are in museums), one crashed. IL-86, tail number RA-86103 in 2008 transferred to the UATTS MSTUCA, where it remains to this day.
Release date and first flight: 1989. From 1999 until the termination of flights in 2008 was the third raid on a board among IL-86 (after 86007 to 86113).

86103 took part in the filming of the series "aerobatics" under the name of the airline "AERUS", but in fact belonged to the extreme while the operator - "Donavia" ("Aeroflot-Don").

Those who on Saturday will get to tour the UATTS MSTUCA will be able to see it live. And for those who do not get, I suggest Photoexcursions the cabin side, which are practical training students of the institute.

I climbed the ladder on their own in front of and immediately rests on the stairs leading into the cabin and cockpit. To the left of the stairs behind the door engineering compartment on the right do not know.

Engineering bay. What are the instruments? Experts, you have the floor.

View of the stairs from the upper deck.

Place a flight attendant.

Familiar with the location of emergency equipment.

With one of the ladders specifically removed the door panel to be seen how things work.

Normally, the door looks like.

The aircraft has a single-class layout 3 + 3 + 3.
IL-86 Passenger capacity: 3-class layout to 314 passengers, 2-class layout and 234 in the economy 350.

Place the 3 + 2 + 3.


The IL-86 is an elevator, which raised carts with food from the lower compartment.

Dressing room in front of the top of the stairs.

Hangers irremovable - for safety. In the case of turbulence, things would not fly through the cabin.

How is it that the first place is 3C, and then 12E (near 4a and 4b)?
I suppose that someone steal plate on memory or changed and hooliganism. Your version?

What I liked in domestic aircraft is the fact that in some types of seats can be folded and in-flight use them as extra space.

Toilets in the rear.

I do not remember the scientific name of this thing, is it just "govnosbornik." Sorry.
It is located under the toilet in the lower compartment, six lateral pipes here it goes the same. The paper did not throw!

Immediately live black boxes.

Trap in the tail and a small luggage compartment.

The back stairs to the salon.

Another flight attendant seat.

We go into the holy of holies.

Visual aids.

Guides crew seats.

I want these lamps home. I propose to set up production.

How is that possible at all - remember that amount of any buttons, toggle switches and switches?

Smoke goggles.



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