A week later - the beginning

01.31.2014, Russia | So, before the main event of the year in the country remained a week. Athletes, journalists, volunteers already render habitable place. Yesterday opened the Olympic Village in the coastal cluster. Snow in the mountains is complete, in the Olympic Park everything is ready, except for minor problems with the infrastructure, which can be solved gradually.

Sports arenas are in full training athletes attending the Games.

Olympic Ski Jump Complex "Russian hills" ready to start the competition.

Cossacks, who were attracted to the protection of public order, and put into a new shape and they look pretty well.

Hotels ski resort "Rose Farm" shining lights.

The sky above the Olympic venues is protected with anti-aircraft systems.

All vehicles entering the territory of the Olympic facilities, carefully inspected.

Protection of the Olympic venues. Write that the security of the Games, attracted more than 50 000 employees a variety of law enforcement agencies of the country.

Control on the roads in Sochi.

Women's Bobsled Team USA arrived in Sochi, one of the earliest. The photo Lolo Jones - known American runner who is now trying his hand as a bobsled accelerates.

Competitor Short Track Elise Christie of Great Britain team.

American bobsled team goes to the Olympic Village.

Volunteers at the media center in Krasnaya Polyana. Next - Sochi homeless sobachenki, which is said to be close to the Olympic venues is full. In instagrame write that they are quite friendly and generally happy to Olympic dvizhuha - their diet these days has improved markedly.

Bus in the Olympic Village coastal cluster.

Three collage - it was and how it became a year apart.

In skating stadium grass shear. On the usual question in such positions "where's the snow" - a common answer: snow in the mountain cluster games where skiing. In the coastal cluster skate on the ice, which is in the ballpark. The snow is not needed and it is not.

In the bowl of the Olympic flame passes all the time to test it.

Photojournalist ready to go.

Evening view of the Olympic Park.



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