The family budget on food. Sometimes simple pictures can tell so much ...

Families in different countries have different traditions. But their obdinyaet one - you need to feed every family. We suggest you see how much money on a weekly food spend an average family in one country or another. The difference in the amount you will impress!

Poland, 151 USD per week

Germany, 325 USD per week

Norway 329 USD per week

Italy, 260 USD per week

USA, 341 USD per week

Egypt, 68 USD per week

Ecuador 31 USD per week

Mongolia, 40 USD per week

Great Britain, 253 USD per week

Australia, 376 USD per week

India, 39 USD per week

Canada, 345 USD per week

As you can see, the differences between some countries are kolosalnoe! Who would have thought that such a thing is possible ?! Do not forget to share these photos with your friends.


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