How to explain to the child what is happening in the country

to explain to a child that is still watching TV, hearing conversations about what is happening in the country, a language he understands. I liked the idea of ​​a girl who was

I picked up a car and whose husband goes to the Maidan.
She shared how her daughter explained why dad slept during the day and at night takes a hard hat and goes somewhere ...
Came to the aid of a timeless classic Gianni Rodari - Adventure Chipollino. The story, which remains valid today.
Here's how she explained:
 - Senor Tomato - is President. He drank the blood of the people, red and almost bursting with anger. Lemons - a police his subjects: they are neither bad nor good. They listen and follow orders tomatoes.
 - And people, it turns out - vegetables?
 - It turns out that, yes. But vegetables, which do not allow themselves to insult ...

That's what I turned analogy:

1. pokraschennya Vzhe infections

2. Emperor Lemon

3. Countess Cherry

4. Transport authorities


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