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This photograph was taken with an increase fifty times.
Yellow duck by the cerebral parasite captures the mind of an alien monster.
Something like this can convey the essence of this picture.
The most interesting thing is how it was created.
Without Photoshop.

Lens Canon MP-E 65mm on a Canon 600D, top flash Raylab Sprint II RTD-400 with the Strip 35x160, front camera down on a tweezers as enshrined in the clothespin sitting moth from her head droplet planted to a syringe. In the background stands bath sponge, which stuck twisted napkin, and in front of her up-and-down, to properly reflected in the drop, it is a yellow duck. Stacking of 40-frame using makrorels Stak Shot. Each frame - f / 5.6, 1/160, ISO 100. In general, and all.

Source: vmenshov.livejournal.com


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