Photos of National Geographic for February 2013 (28 photos)

Magazine «National Geographic» invites us to look at our selection of beautiful photos with comments in the past month.
Here are collected the most important and beautiful moments.
Happy viewing.

1. A girl from the Mennonite religious community looks out the window of the train at one of Canada's railway stations. Tatum Wulff.

2. Turn the marble statue of the great explorer - Christopher Columbus. New York, USA. Chris Fleisch.

3. Photographer Kenzie Reynen said that working on the farm, found the monarch butterfly chrysalis and brought her to his home. Exactly a week cocoon began to change color and hatched from it a small graceful insect. According to the man, it was just a fantastic spectacle.

4. Deer grazing on undulating fields in southern Moravia. Wael Massalkhi.

5. Fishermen city Jeremie (Haiti) try to refloat the old sudёnyshko. Guy Mokia.

6. Autumn landscape of SamanthaLyn Samuelson.

7. The mighty bird. The picture was taken Sylwia Domaradzka, during a trip to Poland.

8. The picture was taken in the Pacific Ocean sunset hours using a tripod. Colorful water column on the photo is a splash of stone thrown into water. British Columbia, Canada. Rob Leslie.

9. Building in Detroit. Amy Sacka.

10. Little trostnyanka sitting on the petals of a water lily in anticipation of insects. Petra Warner.

11. The picture was taken on a tour of the Ethiopian National Park. Brian Shuchuk.

12. As a result of a strong hurricane in October 2012, the entire Manhattan is de-energized. Photographer Matthew Ferri remembers that it was immersed in total darkness. The only source of light was the headlights of cars.

13. The bridge in Florence. The picture was taken on Christmas Eve. Heather Anne Campbell.

14. Unusual shot from Brian Poon. He took pictures of the Space Needle in Seattle through the sculpture Olympic Iliad.

15. Marine predator calmly swims among schools of sardines, giving the fish get used to his presence. A few minutes later he suddenly will attack them. Nadya Kulagina.

16. "When we walked through Wales, our attention joyful children's screams coming from the carousel. I do not remember the last time I rode a similar attraction. But well remember the joy and excitement of riding. " Mahdi Dehestani.

17. Dead tree spread out its branches over their green counterparts in the jungles of Honduras. Jeremy Lock.

18. Boys playing cricket. Gabura Island, Bangladesh. Mohammad Rakibul Hasan.

19. "A small cozy cafe in Amsterdam. I really liked the interior, reminiscent of the scenery for the old movies. " Marko Savic.

20. "Full moon lit our mountain camp. Around became as bright as day. " Max Seigal.

21. Buddhist pilgrims monahi- launch into the sky lanterns at a temple Song Pe Nong. Paramit Supadulchai.

22. Barn Owl flies over the meadow in the eastern part of the county of Norfolk. Mark Bridger.

23. Kok on the ferry, sailing in the small village of Mrauk U, the ancient capital of Burma. "I noticed that a man always ready at the same meal. I even began to wonder how many times in his life he prepared it. " Clementine Crey.

24. You might think that herbal so the picture is preparing to attack its prey. In fact uzhik just yawns. Jason Wiles.

25. Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Climbers want to go through it from end to end. On EXTREMALS special suits that merge with the color of the bridge. This was done in order not to distract motorists passing underneath. Vincent Ma.

26. The sun's rays make their way through the storm cloud over the Strait of Juan de Fuca near Victoria, British Columbia. Jason van der Valk.

27. Girl dancing ancient Aztec ritual dance on a holiday Dia de los Muertos. Aydin Palabiyikoglu.

28. The Belarusian town of Mozyr in April 2012. Alexander Zozulya.



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