Baptism 2014 Obolon

On the waterfront, near the Pokrovsky temple every year on the day of the Epiphany is held sanctification waters of the Dnieper.
"The word" baptize "," baptize "in Greek means" to dip into the water. " Water - the beginning of life. It is out of the water, fertilized life-giving Spirit, there will be all living beings. Where there is no water - there is a desert. But water can and destroy, and destroy - as the great flood waters poured sins and God destroyed the evil human. In memory of the Savior with His baptism consecrated water is blessing of the waters; on the eve of the water is sanctified in churches, at the same feast of the Epiphany - in rivers, or other places where their water. Procession to the Jordan called the procession for the consecration of natural water bodies. ยป


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