Winter swimming

What could cause a person to climb in icy water in the middle of winter? Consider this madness or not - your right, but who want to swim is abound in all corners of the Earth.
For example, Orthodox Christians on Epiphany bathing tradition, "Berlin seals" (Berliner Seehunde) do it for the sake of improvement, and the Dutch were just having fun ...

1. "I'm not cold!" Says Marina Hunger, one of the "Berlin seals" plunging into the icy water of Lake Orankezee in Berlin on December 25, 2010. (Sean Gallup - AFP / Getty Images)

2. Courageous Dutch swimmers swim in the North Sea, January 1, 2011 in Scheveningen. At a New Year's swim was attended by a record number of people - more than 10000. (Jasper Juinen - AFP / Getty Images)

3. "Berlin seals" in the icy water of Lake Oranke in Berlin on December 25, 2010. (Michael Gottschalk - AFP / Getty Images)

4. Belarus believes bathing on Epiphany in Minsk on January 19, 2010. (Alexey Gromov - AFP / Getty Images)


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