Epiphany: Holy water, the Eucharist and healing prayer!

In the Great feast of the Epiphany (January 19) in all Orthodox temples consecrated water. Today our editors share with readers your favorite bits of Christian knowledge, which should be remembered by every spiritual man, going to go to service that day.

It is known that at the consecration of houses, household objects, food and sometimes transport, use Holy water. Why is it that people find special life-giving force? This question was answered by St. Cyril of Jerusalem: "the Beginning of the world — water, and the beginning of the gospel — the Jordan. From the water was light sensitive, for the Spirit of God was hovering at the top of the water and commanded from the darkness to Shine the light.

Jordan shone the light of the Holy gospel, for as he writes the Holy Evangelist, that time, that is, since the Baptism, Jesus began to preach and say, repent, for the Kingdom of heaven. With His baptism Jesus Christ "sank in the waters of the Jordan the sins of the whole world," sanctified the nature of water..."

Baptism Gospodnem the features of Holy water and its application told the doctor, and monk of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra — father Tikhon. He believed that the Epiphany water requires special treatment: "Vmeshaetsya it on an empty stomach. Person stood, crossed himself, asked for the blessing of the Lord at the beginning of the day, washed, prayed and took great Shrine (a teaspoon of Baptismal water and a piece of communion bread).

And then Breakfast, and other matters. Mums need and his child to teach: every morning on an empty stomach take the stomach Epiphany water".

Also father Tikhon urged believers not to type Holy water in large canisters and jars: "No cans, no need. After all, Holy water take a spoon, little by little. The Church fathers speak: a drop of Holiness blesses the sea. You can take an ordinary, not consecrated water and add a drop of the Epiphany, and hallowed it all".

Many believers consider the Holy water as the best cure from spiritual afflictions and bodily. Hieromonk Tikhon, too, believe in the power of Baptismal water: "There are dozens, hundreds of cases where even from his deathbed, the man climbed after the systematic adoption of the Baptismal water.

Often Confessors "prescribed" to their flock pribolevshey Epiphany water every hour on the spoon, with faith, of course, and without faith, though polkastra drink — it is useless. It and the patient can wash and sprinkled his bed."

Keep the Holy water father Tikhon says in God's corner, near icons. In any case it is impossible to put it in the fridge: Holy water nothing will happen, it will not go bad. It is better to choose to store glass or ceramic dish and be sure to close the lid.

Baptism is a wonderful celebration! A must-see, January 19, in the temple of God in the service, she is extremely beautiful. And, of course, have Epiphany water, only with the mind, enough on the spoon for a year.

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