Dumonthier Pinfire Revolver with Dagger - 8mm cal

Deleaxhe Apache Pistol - 7mm cal

Colt Gatling US Navy Model - .45 - .70 cal

All Metal Flintlock Knife Pistol - 9mm cal

Belgian Pinfire Revolver

Bennett & Haviland Many Chambered Revolving Rifle

Borchardt Pistol

Chicago Firearms Co Protector Palm Pistol

Colt Model 1855 Revolving Percussion Military Rifle

Comblain Double Action Pocket Revolver - 7mm ca

Dardick Series 1500 Pistol

Early Ball Butt Dag Wheellock Pistol

European Ten Shot Harmonica Pistol - 9mm cal.

Evans Rifle Co Lever Action Repeating Military Musket

Flintlock Eprouvette

Flintlock Knife Pistol - 11mm cal

Galand Revolver

Joalland All Metal Pistol - .45 cal

Mariette Pepperbox Pistol - .32 cal

Miniature Cased Pistol

Percussion Eprouvette

Percussion Cane Gun

Quackenbush Model 1886 Bicycle Pump Rifle

Russian Double Barrel Knife Pistol - 12mm cal.

Sundial Signal Gun - .30 cal



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