Golden Globes 2014

Young, talented and very beautiful winner in the nomination "Best Actress" for the film "American Hustle" - Jennifer Lawrence. A startling breakthrough so many awards for 2 years, and only some 23 years!

Rivals past the "Oscar", Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain in different ways. Intrigues, gossip, envy - not about them.

Hairstyle and something less than Jessica Chastain in all its glory.

There was a reward to the first left and then right - Mike Tyson. In the suit, with a butterfly ... a rare phenomenon.

Smiling asterisk series "Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke appeared one of the first. In the future, her big project - the fifth "Terminator" with the unforgettable Arnie, why she did not attend such events in vain: I recall that in 1992, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" took just four "Oscar". Despite the fact that the film heroine Sarah Connor has long left this world, Emilia will play its live version, and it is even more interesting (see what would be the scenario, and will grow up to a fifth of whether any serious awards).

Naomi Watts came to support her husband Liev Schreiber in the category "Best Actor in a drama television series', but unfortunately this family, the victory went to Bryan Cranston (" Breaking Bad »).

Thinner and prettier John Hill, who, as it became known, started dating a new girl. Love went to his advantage.

The newly owner of "Golden Globe" in the category "Best Song" - Bono.

No one to catch at heart, Michael Fassbender arrived at a premium along with his older sister.

Lady in red - Emma Watson. Alas, without his companion-rugby player. By the way, it is the only one whose image was a puzzle (in the truest sense of the word): Front seemed that this dress, but significantly behind that Emma pants.

Paula Patton, announced the winners in two categories, looked, in general, not bad ... but this dress! Oh, this dress! It would be better if she did not put on her: looked absolutely ridiculous - okay walking uncomfortable, but it is also a terribly distorted figure. Details of the unsuccessful attempt to strike See the full review from the red carpet.

Jared Leto and his brother Shannon dressed up. And no wonder: Jha still took the "Golden Globe" in the category "Best Actor". His Reyon proved victorious and possibly fatal (maybe he'll ever return to the cinema with such a success?).

The blonde in a black lace - Cate Blanchett.

Actor, good-natured face of Leopold - Kevin Spacey.

Pregnant beauty Olivia Wilde reappeared in a beautiful way. Stylish Mom, do not say anything.

It is strange that Bradley Cooper came without his ubiquitous beloved Suki Waterhouse, but he looked at it more attractive: a lonely-looking, tanned, blue-eyed, and so that is not a sin to fall in love.

Maestro today more than good-natured: Martin Scorsese poses for a photograph.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky beloved wife, who was pregnant for the second time. Good speed, guys!

I do not deny that perhaps only makes plastic look like in 43 years, but even if it is, I can not say that Uma Thurman amazingly beautiful.

Taylor Swift (image, of course, worse than last year, but who does not happen)

Sexy Sofia Vergara in his favorite black color.

Helen Mirren with her husband, director Taylor Hackford (the person, among other things, removed the "Devil's Advocate») ...

Leonardo DiCaprio, who took the "Globe" for "Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy" finally tasted victory.

Julia Roberts - "Bad Teacher».

Aaron Eckhart

Zoe Saldana, recently married, for a moment forgot about narrowing and fell in love with his partner in the film "Star Trek" Chris Pine.

The owner and the "Golden Globe" and "Oscar" (and repeated) - Tom Hanks. Beside his wife Rita Wilson.

One of the easiest stellar families: Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, who before his acquaintance with him was an ordinary bartender in Miami.

Amy Adams minimalist red dress outfit reminiscent of Gwyneth Paltrow at the 84th ceremony of "Oscar". Exactly the same cape, but the line neckline looks a little differently.

Margot Robbie. And as soon as Leonardo DiCaprio, working with her on the same site, I could not resist?

Expectant mother Kerry Washington in a dress «Balenciaga».

The perfect evening hairstyle by Amber Heard.

And this girl of 40? Kate Beckinsale fantastic looks young. Well, not only the young, of course ...


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