Why read? Of course, for the sake of pleasure. Interesting characters and exciting plot instantly immersed in a book and tighten.

But beyond that, there are plenty of reasons:

Knowledge. To begin to understand any more than any other area, it is enough to read 10-20 books devoted to it. In order to become an expert in this field, you need to read more than 200 books.

Development Of. Unlike watching television, such as leisure reading requires mental effort and causes the brain to work.

Self-improvement. In books lies a lot of advice, inspiring ideas and thoughts of the wise, that will help you improve your life.

Awareness. What's going on in the world? How did this world? Who inhabits? Why are we so arranged as arranged? Books can give you the answers to all your questions. Agree, it is much more important than another scandal Celebrity, which will tell you TV.

Power. Knowledge - is power. You can not change what you do not know, can not convince anyone not possessing knowledge, can not talk, being insufficiently informed. Ignorance drive in scope makes a person limited.

Erudition. Reading classic works of literature gives you the ability to understand that the other person has in mind when referring to Hamlet or Onegin, for example. You are free to quote the great writers.

Literacy. When you read, you remember how built phrases in sentences, learn new words, you can see the different turns of phrase and your speech becomes clearer and more literate.

Imagination. You certainly visualize in your mind what to read. This is a great exercise for your imagination.

Outlook on life. Sometimes it is necessary to look at familiar things from a different angle. Book will help you do it.


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