18 interesting facts about reading

1. While reading the eyes look in different directions.

2. When reading almost 50% of the time human eyes looking at different letters. In this case, the line of sight can both diverge in different directions and intersect.

3. 95% of people read very slowly - 180-220 words per minute (1 page 1, 5-2 minutes).

4. With the rapid reading eye fatigue less than during slow.

5. The level of understanding of the traditional reading is 60%, with fast - 80%.

6. Within an hour, 57 minutes reading the eyes are fixed on the text that is found in relative peace.

7. When reading the reader's eyes, looking at the different letters convey a different image, but the brain still combines them into one image.

8. The man's eyes with average reading skills make one book line 12-16 stops to read faster - 4-2 stops.

9. Traditionally, human-readable volume of simultaneous fixation is 10 characters (ie, 1, 5-2 words of one line). In bystrochitayuschego - 200-500 characters (it 33-83 words a few lines).

10. In slow reading occurs 0, 5-0, 7 undue refunds to read on a single line.

11. Pupils going 20 regressive movements on one line, the students - 15.

12. In the traditional reading is lost 1/6 of the time spent on the regressive eye movements.

13. Napoleon read at a rate of two thousand words a minute.

14. Balzac was reading a novel in two hundred pages in half an hour.

15. Gorky read at a rate of four thousand words a minute.

16. NARubakina read 250,000 books.

17. Someone E. Gaon literally remembered in 2500 he read books.

18. T. Edison once read 2-3 lines, memorizing the lyrics almost pages thanks to the maximum concentration.


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