Determine the purpose of life is possible with the help of 7 questions:

1. What do you like to do?

Your goal is inextricably linked with the fact that you love. most dedicated people doing exactly what he likes: Bill Gates like computers, Oprah Winfrey loves helping people, and Edison chose to invent something new. And what do you like? Maybe you love to read, write, work, play sports, sing, draw or cook? Or maybe you like the business, sales, communication, repair any thing? Or do you do well to listen to a man? In any case, your goal in life is connected with the things you love.

2. What do you do in your spare time?

What you do in your spare time, will help you determine your purpose in life. If you love to paint, means "drawing" - a kind of sign, in what direction you should move. The same can be said about any hobbies, whether it's cooking, singing or negotiations. You just have to not miss these signs. As we consider these signs? For example, someone very much like to study and learn new things, so perhaps his life goal can be taught. Be sure to think through what you are doing in your spare time, or whatever you want to do.

3. What do you look for?

Seller easily distinguish whether the goods in demand or not; Barber certainly pay attention to the appearance of hairstyles human designer celebrate ridiculous attire and mechanic only by the sound of the machine will be able to identify possible problems in it. And what do you look for? And that annoys you? All of your answers and will be the signs that will help you in establishing your purpose in life.

4. What do you like to know, and what you prefer to study?

What books and magazines do you like to read? Maybe you are interested in books about business, cooking or fishing? In any case, you should regard their preferences as a hint of what problem you have to solve in your life. Think, if you have created your library, no matter what book you picked up for her? Or maybe you like the books on self-development?

5. What awakens in you the desire to be creative?

Maybe for you the sales process - is an art? Or you want to immediately start preparing to see in the magazine new original recipes? Or maybe any situation experienced by an impetus for writing the picture? Think about what makes you move forward.

6. What other people like about you?

Do you have "fans" who appreciate the your cooking? After all, if your meals no one likes, the chef and you will most likely not be. Or some admire your singing ability to dance? Or maybe someone has conquered your talent of the writer or the seller? Agree, each of us has the capacity to which the liking of others.

7. And if you knew in advance that you will succeed, what would you do?

Someone would have created its own beauty salon, the other would have decided to try their strength in the music project, such as "Star Factory", and the third would be fascinated by the prospect of being the owner of the store. Either your answer will be another sign you to find purpose in life.


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