Researchers at Aalto University in Helsinki on physical maps clearly demonstrated how emotions are experienced in the body and how to control our bodies. Expressions adjusted our mental and physical condition, operative in response to signals from the environment. Physical (physical) condition are an integral part of emotional experiences. For example, anxiety may be perceived as chest pain, and love can cause a warm, pleasant feeling throughout the body.

The researchers found that the most common emotions cause severe bodily sensations, and can demonstrate in color on the so-called physical maps.
Models of the same sensations correspond to different cultures, East Asian or Western Europe, which indicates that the biological nature of emotions and sensations corresponding model.

Emotions set up not just our brains, and our physical condition. So, help us to react on hazards and positive social interaction. Awareness of the relevant bodily changes may subsequently cause a conscious emotional feelings, such as happiness, says Associate Professor Lauri Nummenmaa of Aalto University.

The findings are important for understanding the functions of the interaction of emotions with the body. As the results help us to understand the nature of various emotional disorders and to create new tools for their diagnosis.

The study was conducted in a mode on-line, it was attended by over 700 people from Finland, Sweden and Taiwan. Scientists have caused different emotional states from Finnish and Taiwanese participants. Then it was proposed to note the color of the photographs are part of the body in which the subjects felt different sensations change.


Source: tanjand.livejournal.com


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