The main thing - soobrazhalka

Early 70's. Drink between techies and physicians. Competition captains.
Remember as a child was a game: jump on one leg, knocking a ball on the ground, and every blow sentence: I-know-five names-girls-Mary-Kate ... Olya, or five flowers.
So - Competition captains. Job. Hopping on one leg, with the ball: Medical - name five fasteners; technicians - to name five bones of the human skeleton.
Medic: я-знаю-пять-названий-крепежных-элементов-гвоздь-винт-… shurup- ... bolt- ... Out.
Techie: I-know-five names-bones skeleton: the first vertebra, the second or third vertebra vertebra-fourth or fifth vertebra vertebra! Victory !!!


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