Men rule of debauchery. Alex Kurilko

So he decided to go back to Madrid. Why? Well, who, tramp knows.
Well, I want him il gnawing nostalgia. Though Leporello warns.
And then - because it offers. After all, life is inherited in Don Giovanni is quite a lot
Do not just give deceived not count, worse - because his hand took
Commander of life, the husband of Donna Anna. And Anna is in mourning too soon
year And vowed to take revenge for the death of a spouse. Their meeting unexpected waits
In an amusing place - near the tomb of the Commander. Well, mourning completed
And very soon the wages should be stepped on. And everyone will be rewarded according to merit?
Take your time. Author - not Moliere, not Byron, not Shadvel not Sasha Pushkin
And there'll be a little different. How exactly? Keep silent about this
And only whisper: we are waiting for page * ptiz. But the denouement - the box.


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