Eminem twisted 2 million

Eminem does snickering - are sure many fans of creativity skinned rapper TMZ.com after the promulgation of the controversial news about the fabulous queries artist. It is reported that Marshall Metters (real name: Ema) demanded at least $ 2 million fee (!) For a performance at the US Championships National League of American football (Super Bowl 2014).

Eminem: Sing a million? Yes you go ...
TMZ reports that the initial rate of Eminem for the execution of several of his hits in front of an audience of 1,500 people was $ 1 million, plus a bunch of gifts and bonuses from sponsors. However, the rapper did not agree to these terms and demanded to increase the amount of the fee up to two million. Of course, to part with so much money the organizers decided not to, and therefore decided to issue "cheap and cheerful". Instead, the audience will be entertained by Eminem's popular in the United States idni pop singer Janelle Monáe, the fee for the show which will be quite modest in comparison with the needs of Eminem - only 150 thousand dollars.
The annual Super Bowl is not only zamentym sports, but also cultural events. In past years, guest stars were of different caliber performers, including Madonna, Beyonce, Prince and The Who

Beyonce at the Super Bowl in 2013


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