Incubators for people

In 1891, in France, Alexandre Lion invented the first incubator for premature babies, the essence of which was the fact that in boxing, where the baby lay pumped warm air, which helped the baby to maintain body temperature. The results could be seen immediately and survival of premature infants has increased. However, for some mysterious reason, the hospital did not go to mass introduction of the invention.
Then the inventor decided to show the incubator for medical exhibitions, but without the baby, it was a glass box and the people did not understand her appointment, just passed by.
And then he came up with a very strange idea. He asked for premature babies from local hospitals, explaining that they are in any case will be killed, and they will receive at least some chance at life. And now imagine - City funfair, carousel, jugglers and among this "circus" in the clean room, are nurses, and between them - "cabinets" in which are very tiny babies!
The audience was so impressed that many returned to their entire families. Very soon the flow of wanting to become so dense that it was necessary to charge an entrance fee. Vrochem it only fueled interest in front of the pavilion and built a new crowd.

At the same time, the exhibition joined by another pediatrician Dr. Martin Couney, who founded a similar pavilion in another city, and then in another, and finally decided that the exhibition should be international. So, in 1904, she got to Coney Island's Luna Park, where over a giant pavilion hung inscription ALL THE WORLD LOVES A BABY. This exhibition was one of the longest in the history of Coney Island, and saved a lot of lives. Absolutely all the hospitals of New York began to send premature babies to Dr. Couney. Children receive the best, around the clock care and their parents - free admission to the fair.
The results were startling. Before the invention of the incubator survived only 15% of premature infants. After - 85%! Over the entire period of the exhibition through the "attraction" has been more than 6,500 children in just one New York.
The exhibition runs decades, until the hospital did not have started to establish incubators at.
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