Weapons in Mexico

Mexican authorities have offered their citizens to voluntarily disarm in return for giving them weapons valuable items, computers and just cash. By receiving items pulled together crowds of people, giving a number of weapons, which would be enough for the present war. I suggest you see how destroying the weapon.

Some guns and ammunition were destroyed on the spot, but I wondered what to do with everything else collected weapons. So I turned to the Mexican Secretariat for National Defense (ICSU), a formal request for access to their armory to shoot a series of photos.

Soldiers register and consider confiscated firearms from the population at the armory in the militarized zone of Mexico City, April 17, 2013.

For the storage and destruction of weapons of war are responsible. And not only for the fact that rents civilians - including, sometimes, inherited from some of their ancestors may have been involved in the revolution - but also for the weapons confiscated in the six-year drug war that has cost the lives of nearly 70 thousand people. These trunks caliber are usually larger than the hard drive pradedushkinogo early 1900s. Among the confiscated specimens are found and made to order, plated Colts Super 38, and rocket-propelled grenades and Kalashnikov AK47 a lot, especially popular with drug dealers.

A few months later, in the office of Reuters came the long-awaited phone call. Army sergeant gave me a very formal invitation to appear on April 17 at 12:00 at the checkpoint number 8 military unit № 1.

At the gate I met the officer who accompanied me then for my entire visit. He walked beside me, sitting next to me, went with me to the car and was near, while I was photographing. He literally became my shadow. They searched me, "for security reasons" at least 15 times, check the inside of the car, my photographic equipment, and my clothes.

When I arrived in the storage room, I was greeted by an army general who was there with his colleagues in public relations and another three or four soldiers guard. To my surprise, from this moment and the general and his PR officers had to undergo exactly the same checks as those exposed me.

"It is necessary endurance, when everything is repeated from time to time", - said my "shadow" in the officer's uniform. I said, "Here, thousands of confiscated weapons, so I basically do not mind ..."

About warehouse was established three tables. Next on the stand adorned, probably the most "exotic" weapons confiscated from the "junkies" ("Narcos"), - gold-plated pistols, decorated with images of film characters like Chucky (Chucky) or "generous bandit" Jesus Valverde (Jesus Valverde), better known as "narco-saint".

The general went up on a small stage and announced: "From 2007 to the present day 107,450 weapons were delivered here. 95% destroyed, everything else handed over to museums or military units after due process of law. Most of the confiscated weapons stored in other institutions of state security ".

"And now you can shoot".

After some time, the general looked at his watch, and very politely asked me to hurry up, because he has other things to do. I told him that I will try to deal as quickly as possible, because I still need to catch a football match between the Argentine team Boca Juniors (Boca Juniors) and the Mexican Toluca (Toluca). "I once visited Bombonere (Bombonera - the stadium in Buenos Aires, where Boca Juniors plays their matches)," - said the general. - It seemed to me that he is more ".

I smiled and said that it would be great if I was allowed to enter the storage room.

He agreed and ordered the soldier to put a finger to the fingerprint lock to open the door. I was asked not to shoot the general plan, as well as taking photos of soldiers who worked in. The room was a one huge warehouse, laden with metal racks - empty and full. I had very little time, so I began to take off everything. It was felt that my presence makes men nervous.

When I was back outside, I was led to a place where weapons were destroyed. There were some soldiers who methodically with robots dismantled and brought weapons into disrepair. Some of the officers involved in the registration, the other standing on a small stepladder, photographed trunks, laid out on the floor on a white background, the third shot the wooden parts and remove the screw from each gun.

Wooden parts were burned on the grill, which is usually used for a barbecue. A group of soldiers engaged in the removal of the strikers from the gate, they then grind them to lead into disrepair. Periodically weapon again and again recalculated.

One soldier told me, "You're lucky we are engaged in the destruction of weapons only twice a year, and then - only on receipt of a court order".

Leaving a military unit, I took my cell phone, which left at the entrance. Later, sitting in a taxi, I noticed a soldier jogging jogging. He was wearing a shirt with a portrait of the Argentine rebel hero Ernesto Che Guevara. With a gesture, he told us to pass. I did not waste any time: football match, Juan Roman Riquelme (Juan Roman Riquelme - the player of the Argentine Boca Juniors), la inchady (la hinchada - "fans", App. - Argentine fans), and the team Boca Juniors is already waiting for me.

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