Clearance increased electric Tesla firmware update

The future is already close - update firmware "on air" can receive not only gadgets.

Some idea of ​​what actually is a modern high-tech electric vehicles can be obtained from recording blog Elon Musk, in which he discusses the topic of a number of incidents that occurred some time ago in the US with the Tesla Model S. short story about them is this: the drivers run into some object on the road (it is believed that taken away from the trailer a piece of shell in one case) who punched protective sheets of the battery compartment (located underneath the car) - as a result the car caught fire, and the process of fire in almost all cases, was not slow to appear on YouTube. With that, the onboard computer warned about the problem, stop the car and burning the hood was removed almost the drivers themselves. All this, coupled with public opinion, led to the fact that the company's shares Tesla lost a significant share of value due to the potential problem: Tesla S can be burned in a collision with a metal debris on the road.

Charismatic Elon Musk in response to public outcry led the statistics that its electric vehicles still safer petrol colleagues - almost five times. A little more specifically - in the US in the third quarter as a result of more than 1,200 major accidents killed about 400 people, while for all the operation Tesla (and on US roads traveled about 19 000 vehicles) fatal incident was not, in fact, accidents involving directly to the electric vehicle.

Words words, but Musk speaks about the practical steps that have been taken by his company. Apart from the fact that the treatment was carried out for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration USA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) with the requirement to thoroughly investigate all cases, all the Tesla S model in the near future will have a firmware update that is called "in the air", which will increase the clearance electric vehicle by changing the parameters of the air suspension. This should theoretically reduce the probability of collision with other objects and potentially prevent future incidents similar to those faced by car owners in the cases described above. In addition, in January next year drivers Tesla S will have more freedom - the new firmware will fully adjust the height of the suspension at its discretion.

Also noteworthy is another point. Musk said that the conditions of use of Tesla S will be upgraded so that the electric fire incidents are covered by the insurance company, even if the fire will occur due to the fault of the driver. So it is easy to conclude that the level of confidence in the reliability of its electric vehicles at the head of the company is really very high.

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