Who invented sign language?

To the XIV century deaf people (unable to hear and speak) were cruelly persecuted. They were considered idiots, mentally retarded and placed in shelters or even killed. The Italian doctor Zheromino Cardano had the idea to teach the deaf and dumb alphabet. It was to be a combination of symbols denoting concepts and subjects. In the XVII century Frenchman Charles de Lepi created a language of signs. It was a system of conventional gestures of hands and fingers, allowing you to transfer a thought. At the same time was invented and finger alphabet, which was much like modern. Almost 85 years ago, it was the only way to communicate deaf - signs, facial expression and finger alphabet. Some of them can communicate at a rate of 130 words per minute. But many educators who work with the deaf, began to criticize the language of gestures and finger. They believe that it isolates the deaf to communicate with normal people. Nowadays, deaf and hard of hearing learn to understand what is said, watching the movement of the lips of the speaker. They also learn to speak themselves, looking at the lips and other organs involved in speech and repeating their movements.


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